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Wooden garden furniture is an ideal addition to green areas around the house. Their usage is great during the barbecue party with your friends or Sunday chats with your family. My garden furniture is made on several different ways with the usage of clear, dried pine wood. Wood preservation is relevant by using pigment extracts adjusted to all clients’ needs. This process enables putting non-standard painting which can eventually change the furniture look. The offer includes extended garden furniture sets such as: tables, benches and chairs.

Terrace building presented here are made of first class wood. There is an opportunity to use variety of colors giving possibility to adjust a tiny roof to the color of the building elevation.

Nowadays garden swings make an elegant and an incredible element of every garden. They make people rest and give a lot of joy to children and adults. The swings are made of wooden deals and worked the pine wood covered with wood preservative.

Wooden fences can be free formed according to one’s own needs. The elements of the fences are dried thank to it wood is stable and has relevant humidity. To achieve the highest quality of the product some elements are whittled, ground and bevelled. Wooden elevation is a very original idea related to classic and tradition. Elevation profile is an excellent element of modern elevation railing filling or an element of the fence. Using those profiles may be free, the only limitation is an investor’s imagination. Elevation profile may successfully make a technological construction masking, ventilation shaft, blind walls and every structure that should be hidden behind. Terrace building, elevation of the office containers, protection from the sun are only some of the ideas made with an usage of those profiles.

DREWMAX carpentry company make service such as:
  • garden furniture
  • wooden fences
  • terrace building
  • wooden elevations
  • dogs’ kennels
  • garden swings
  • sandpits
  • playground